SugrFM : New York City – The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones

Great Tuesday for jazz song! Add Sugr to your cup of music!

Today’s recommendation is  New York City by The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones.

Norah Jones

“New York City, such a beautiful disease.”

New York City, the place of hope and chance, is where the youth would yearn for. There’s no place like New York. However, not all of the dream chaser could achieve their dream here. The city seems to be full of opportunities, however, it is also the place that will crush your dream and hope. If you are not strong enough or you don’t have great talent, New York City will bury you.

It is cruel here, or we should say it is cruel in every well-developed city. People only see the better days but easily ignore the moil behind. We do seems to have a life that is full of entertainment, however, we do work hard in the lonely night till 2 or 3 am. The high pressure enforces us to make more effort, if we can’t do well, we will soon be eliminated and be taken place by others.

Even it is hard, we still love this place. It is such a beautiful disease. Although the street, the work, the pressure could be poison to us, we are still addicted to it.


“We were full of the stuff that every dream rested.
As if floating on a lumpy pillow sky.
Caught up in the whole illusion.
That dreams never pass us by.
Came to a tattooed conclusion.
That the big one was knocking on the door.
What started as a mass delusion?
Would take me far from the place I adore.”

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